What Happens Next?

We offer full assessment and a range of therapy approaches to school age children, adolescents and young adults with either social, emotional or behavioural needs, Autism or  learning disabilities.

Step 1 –

  • One of our therapists will meet with the client, and family/ carers if appropriate for that individual. This can be at our clinic in Shrewsbury or in their own home, but it can also take place in an educational, vocational or day centre.
  • During this first meeting we will take a detailed case history and find out more about the client’s skills and needs by using informal and formal assessments. This is sometimes achieved over a number of sessions.
  • An observation in an educational setting may also be relevant.
  • Either short or detailed reports can be written but are not always necessary.

Step 2 –

  • We will use the findings from the assessment session/s to inform therapy type and frequency. This can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on the communication need.
  • As with assessment, therapy can be in our clinic, at home, in school/ college or wherever is most appropriate.
  • We offer a range of therapy approaches; these will always be evidenced based.
  • See below for examples of the therapy we offer:
    • using AAC,
    • learning Makaton,
    • developing social skills,
    • developing emotional regulation,
    • work on memory and executive functioning,
    • language and narrative therapy,
    • understanding and using metalinguistics,
    • being an effective communicator,
    • assertiveness skills,
    • Social Stories™,
    • Comic Strip Conversations™.