#comfest 2017

So it’s that time of year again… when Shropshire Makaton Tutors put on an accessible event for people with communication and learning disabilities. We’ve spent the last few weeks planning and pulling in favours from friends and colleagues to bring you…….. (drum roll please) #comfest 2017!!!!

We’re really excited about ramping things up a little, the last few years have been more of a summer fete feel whereas this year it has much more of a festival feel. We’ve got bands, dance acts, laughter yoga, festival style glitter face painting and looooads more¬†activities all of them accessible and communication friendly! Oh and cake – how could I forget cake?!

It really will be fun for all ages and any ability – you don’t have to have additional needs to enjoy our events!! So come along on Saturday 20th May!

We’re being supported by Insane Logic, makers of MyChoicePad, Makaton and Tesco¬†community and we wish to extend them a massive thank you for their generosity. We’re making plans to give all Tesco staff at Shrewsbury Tesco Extra a ‘taster’ workshop in Makaton and then recommend them for Makaton Friendly status.