Supporting young people with Autism

The A WordHave you watched the new BBC drama, The A Word? It certainly has got people talking about Autism and surely raising awareness can only be a good thing. I’ve watched it religiously and it’s definitely a grower for me. The first couple of weeks just annoyed me – don’t get me started on the Speech and Language Therapist who was just downright rude! Other SLT colleagues felt the same and there have been moans about it far & wide on social media especially as there was no mention of NHS support. However, each week it seems to get a bit better, Max Vento who plays 5 year old Joe who has Autism is doing a sterling job! Like it or loathe it, along with some other documentaries and dramas, the wider population are becoming more understanding of what it means to have Autism.

Amica SL&CC supports a range of people on the Autistic Continuum. I recently became an Elklan tutor and will be running a course in conjunction with Course Beetle at the end of May that enables staff working in schools to support and develop the communication skills of those pupils with Autism. If you are interested see the flyer attached or have a look what else Course Beetle has to offer!

Communication Support for Verbal Pupils with ASD